Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lessons of Rich Dad , Poor Dad

By: Alpha Man
You can download Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF here
Robert Kiyosaki (1947 , Hawaii ) is an American businessman , Japanese descendant , known worldwide for its derivatives book series Rich Dad , Poor Dad .

Kiyosaki preaches about personal financial freedom and the right use of money, based on the teachings he claims to have received from her wealthy father .

His work generated reviews of all kinds, from those who oppose their theories , even those who consider it an icon of education on money management. Rich Dad , Poor Dad is a book about financial education as a basis for generating wealth.

Kiyosaki had two fathers, his biological father ( " poor father " ) , director of the education system in Hawaii , highly educated person from the traditional educational system , who ended his days in poverty , and his " rich dad " father of one of his best friends, who " began from below" without academic studies became one of the richest men in Hawaii .

When a child Kiyosaki began to realize that the teachings of his wealthy father had more sense than his poor father . He learned that phrases like " I can not afford to buy it," what autolimitaban , and should rather ask "how I can do to get / pay what I want? " .

Such questions put your most important asset , your brain to work to get what he wanted. Kiyosaki presents lessons of interest in his books:

The importance of financial education as a basis to achieve financial freedom. The rich do not work for money . They make the money work hard for them, through companies or assets that put money in their pockets.

The importance of working to learn and take care of your own business. Instead of stopping by having a low wage , teaches wondering "how I can increase my income ? " . To stimulate your brain into action.

The rich create money from his knowledge , initiative and investment, using the time and money of others. Debts can increase or decrease your wealth, depending on the use you give to them and if your destination ( or investment spending ) makes or takes money from your pocket .

Active is what puts money in your pocket , passive is what takes money from your pocket. Your house and your car are passive, because they take money out of your pocket every month .

Investing is a team sport . Choose carefully your mentors and advisers. Find people who are investors. Choose carefully your co- investment and do not let the words of people who have never invested limit your dreams of financial freedom.

Learn the language of money . Your words are the result of your thoughts and precede your actions. Define your future. Learn how to sell and manage the fear of rejection . It is the most basic skill of business.

Each person can take the lessons of Rich Dad , Poor Dad that best fit your situation. Instead of waiting times and the situation will improve , each of us must take charge of their own destiny.

The author is director of Promifin program funded by the Swiss Cooperation in Central America.